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The DHLSNA is a non-profit academic organization interested in D.H. Lawrence and all his works--poetry, fiction, drama, essays, travel writing, literary criticism, painting, and letters; in scholarship on Lawrence; and in creative works inspired by him.  Anyone may join.
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Conference Announcements


*November SAMLA Conference in Jacksonville: New Heaven and Earth: Change
D.H. Lawrence wrote that "[t]he great social change interests me and troubles me," but he also felt that "it is the change inside the individual which is my real concern." This traditional session welcomes submissions that address any aspects of change, broadly conceived, in D.H. Lawrence's poetry, short fiction, novels, essays, or other writing. How does Lawrence conceive of change, whether social or intrapersonal? By July 27, 2022, please submit an abstract of 200-300 words, a brief bio, and any A/V requirements or scheduling requests to Ron Granofsky, McMaster University, at

* Paris Nanterre University, 36th INTERNATIONAL D. H. LAWRENCE CONFERENCE, 13-15 April 2023, HOME, HOMES AND HOMELAND.

Call for Papers posted on the Conference Page.

* URGENT:  MLA 2023 (Jan. 5-8) Additional session-- Joint Session of the Dickens Society and the D.H. Lawrence Society of North America. Topic: "Portrayals of the Working Class in Dickens and Lawrence." Proposal Deadline March 19, 2022. Click HERE for further information.

*  Message from Adam Parks, DHLSNA Pres.:

Dear Members,
I am happy to announce the first of a series of bi-monthly Happy Hours, which are intended to appeal alike to academic and non-academic Lawrence enthusiasts.  On Tuesday 29th March (1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time), Dr Audra Bellamore will give a presentation on a painting of Frieda Lawrence that was found recently at the DHL Ranch in New Mexico.  Dr Bellamore is a curator at UNM.  More info on the Conference Page.

*  MLA 2023 to be held in San Francisco, CA (Jan. 5-8).  Topic selected:  "Lawrence, Work and the Working Class."  Proposal Deadline March 19, 2022.  Check the Calls page for further information.

* Call for Papers EXTENDED DEADLINE of April 1st: Virtual Graduate Student Conference, April 23, 2022. Full CFP HERE.

*  Web-Update:  The D.H. Lawrence Review website has gotten a modern makeover created by its new webmaster, Jeff Brackett (retaining its same web address:

*  MLA 2022 (Washington, DC:  Jan. 6-9, 2022) Panel title: “Lawrence, Disease, and Recovery.”

* 35th INTERNATIONAL D.H.LAWRENCE CONFERENCE, "D.H. Lawrence, an Islander and the Sea". Nanterre, France, April 7-9, 2022. 

* IT'S A GO: 15th INTERNATIONAL D.H. LAWRENCE CONFERENCE, "Lawrence's 1920s: North America and the 'Spirit of Place,'" Taos, New Mexico, July 18-23, 2022. Register via the website: 



News from the D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives Fund

DHLSNA submitted the successful nomination of the Lawrence Ranch to the National Register of Historic Places and continues to support fundraising for the ranch's preservation.  Please read the following statement from the D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives and consider joining them in their efforts to preserve the D.H. Lawrence Ranch:
The purpose of the Ranch Initiatives is to preserve the legacy of novelist D.H. Lawrence and his wife, Frieda Lawrence.  Widely considered one of the most important writers of the twentieth century, the British novelist owned only one piece of property in his lifetime, the 160-acre ranch located some fifteen miles outside of Taos, New Mexico, which was bequeathed to the University of New Mexico by Frieda Lawrence.  Fundamental to the mission of the D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives is preservation of the property and historic buildings.
The Ranch Initiatives program will seek to place the operation of the property on a firm financial basis and to restore and develop the site so that it can support educational, cultural, and research activities for students, faculty, and the greater New Mexico community.  This mission honors the directives of Frieda Lawrence's will, which stipulated that the property "be used for educational, cultural, charitable, and recreational purposes."
You can view a brochure with a fundraising plan here.
D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives fund takes you to the University of New Mexico Foundation giving page, or send a check to:
D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives Fund
Department of English
1 University of New Mexico
MSC03 2170
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

CCILC, DHLR, & Training Manual

We have several new webpages including information regarding the Co-ordinating Committee for International Lawrence Conferences (CCILC), a link to the DHLR website, and an Officers Training Manual (a work-in-progress) to help ease the transition between terms of office and to maintain continuity for our robust organization.  With all the duties being integrated through the DHLSNA website, it makes sense to facilitate the learning curve by providing procedural instruction, computer tips, and timelines for the various roles.  This will be an on-going project since we are still learning the simplest and most efficient means of running our organization electronically.  We hope that all our officers will contribute their experience to help guide their successors.  


Newsletter Archive Open
 to the Public!

The DHLSNA Newsletter Archive has been opened to the general public.  Created by our Newsletter editor, Julie Newmark, this handy reference contains back-issues dating from 1980 through last year.  The current year's issues will still be reserved for members only.  Links to the 2019 Newsletters are available in the Directory section after login.  For the latest issues, join today!

Website Additions

*   Some new website resources have been added to the Links page including the Salisbury House Blog "D.H. Lawrence:  A Manuscript Mystery."

*Photo Request* for the International Lawrence Conferences in Sydney, Australia, and Gargnano, Italy

Please submit any digital photos from the conferences or excursions that you wish to share with our members to Tina Ferris.  They will be used to create a members-only Gallery page (coming soon) or for the newsletter.

12th International Lawrence Conference in Sydney, Australia (2011)

13th International Lawrence Conference in Gargnano, Italy (2014)


This turquoise horse was used as the logo for the Santa Fe International Lawrence Conference (2005), courtesy of David Barnes.

"Dear old Azure Horse, Turquoise Horse, Hobby Horse, Trogan Horse with a few scared heroes in your belly; Horse, laughing your Horse Laugh, you do actually ramp in with a bit of horse sense.  I'm all for horse sense, O Horsie!"--D.H.L.

(From "Dear Old Horse, A London Letter," in Mornings in Mexico and Other Essays, CUP, p. 137)