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Lawrence Ranch Preservation

The D.H. Lawrence Ranch
(or Kiowa Ranch) near Taos, NM

Lawrence Ranch Preservation Introduction:

Ranch Nomination Summary -- (Brief History of Process & Goals.  Presented at the 2005 International Lawrence Conference in Santa Fe, NM).

Nomination for the D.H. Lawrence Ranch to the National Register of Historic Places:
A printable c
opy of the entire National Register nomination text (82 Pages) in MS Word 2003 format.
(Written and submitted by Tina Ferris and Dr. Virginia Hyde--successfully granted to the Historic Register in January of 2004)

Web Version:

Nomination Cover Page -- (Authors & Acknowledgements)

"Descriptive Narrative" for the D.H. Lawrence Ranch -- (a detailed walk-through describing the physical characteristics of all contributing cabins and features of the property).

Significant Dates -- (Chronology of the Lawrences' Life in New Mexico).

“Historical Significance Narrative” for the D.H. Lawrence Ranch -- (biographical background information on the Lawrences that relates them to the property, including works created at the ranch and Lawrence’s influence on the development of the Taos art colony and on American Literature in general).  The Historical Significance Narrative consists of the following parts:

1.  Statement of Significance
2.  Overview of Literary Standing
3.  Background Biography
4.  Lawrence in America
5.  Ranch Life & Literary Works
6.  Frieda's Ranch Years
7.  Lawrence's Influence in America
8.  Ranch Uses




End Notes -- (Combined for both National Register Narratives)

Sketch-Maps & Boundary Justification -- (Historical District Details)

Appendix Section (Texts:  Poetry, Prose, and Letters):

  • Appx. 1:  "Autumn at Taos" -- (Poem by D.H. Lawrence)
  • Appx. 2:  Letter from D.H. Lawrence to Niece, Margaret King (Aug. 31, 1924)
  • Appx. 3:  Letter from D.H. Lawrence to Writer Catherine Carswell (May 18, 1924)
  • Appx. 4:  Excerpt from the final version of "Pan in America" by D.H. Lawrence
    (Originally published in January of 1926 in the Southwest Review)
  • Appx. 5:  Letter from D.H. Lawrence to sister, Emily King ["Pamela"] (May 30, 1925)


Pictures and historical photos coming soon!